FAIB Standards

Registration Information for Training Providers

This Registration Information page provides any potential clients access to various FAIB standards.

The information includes FAIB (Employer) Due Diligence, the Registration of Training Providers and the Registration of Trainers/Assessors.

Once you become a Registered Training Provider, you will have access to further essential documentation via our FAIB (Members only) page on the website, which covers all the Standards required within FAIB

This documentation is designed to ensure you can demonstrate to your Clients that you have all the procedures in place, this ensures you maintain a high quality standards of First Aid Training at all times and that you are both Internally Inspected /Verified and Externally Inspected/Verified by a Specialist in the First Aid  Field.

It also clarifies that FAIB First Aid qualifications are at the very least equivalent to those of Ofqual Awarding Organisations and the Voluntary Aid Societies.

FAIB Recognition for Employers in the United Kingdom

FAIB Registration of Training Providers

FAIB Register of Trainers/Assessors

FAIB List of Regulated First Aid Courses