Please read all information on the Training Providers information page (Linked Below) before completing the below form, uploading documents and making your payment.

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We will issue your licence once we have reviewed the information provided. It may take up to 2 weeks for us to process your registration.
If you do not meet the requirements to become a FAIB Training Provider your application will be not be processed and we may contact you for more information.


Training Providers

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    Strength: Very Weak
    Current First Aid at Work (FAW) Certificate or Equivalent (e.g.FPOS)
    Exemption to having FAW Certificate(e.g. Doctor, Nurse or Paramedic)
    A formal Teaching/Training qualification and an Assessing qualification (if not already covered by the Teaching qualification)
    List of First Aid courses taught each year over the past 3 years (FAW, EFAW, PFA & EPFA) Should be a minimum of 6 First Aid courses. If a New Trainer you should have evidence to show they have conducted up to 2 practical and 2 theoretical training/assessing sessions under a qualified assessor.
    Monitoring Report each year over the past 3 years.
    Insurance Certificate (covering Professional Indemnity and Public Liability).
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